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Welcome to The Quilt Connection.  Do you have quilt tops languishing in your closet or cedar chest?  Why not turn them into finished quilts as originally intended.  Then you can snuggle up in them, wrapped in the love of the person who made them.  Or maybe you found some old quilt tops at an estate or garage sale and you'd like to use them to decorate your home.  Perhaps you have taken up the hobby of making quilt tops but get frustrated trying to quilt it on a home sewing machine.

Then you've come to the right place...I can help! 

Be assured that the love and care which you have already devoted to your quilt will be continued here, as I help you create a beautifully crafted piece.  I do mostly blended quilting on my Gammill Optimum Plus machine now that I have the Statler computerized system attached to it but no job is too big or too small for me.  I continuously strive to improve my skills and fuel my creativity and would be pleased to bring my enthusiasm and love of quilts to your personal project.