Calling All Scraps!!

I purchase fleece remnants and stuff them with sewing scraps then donate them to Pee Wee's or other local animal shelters.  I would welcome any scraps you might have, this would be but not limited to, edges you trim off your quilt once it's been quilted, those little half square triangles that are too small to sew into anything else, old fabric you hate or don't want anymore - I even ripped into strips an old sheet someone gave me (it made 5 pet beds).  So as you see I'm not fussy, nor are the animals who wind up sleeping on these comfy beds.

So start collecting anything you would normally throw away and put it aside for me.  You'll be doing something wonderful for the homeless pets and keeping stuff out of our landfill.  It's a win-win situation.

Please contact me 334-6715 if you have any questions about this program or what to collect.  Thank you!