Quilt by Carol Rokohl and custom quilted. 
   Watermelon...what a yummy treat for us and the ants!!

  Beachy fun summer quilt by Carol Rokohl - custom quilted.

  Quilt by B-Elin kallas - custom quilted.

   Quilt by Nancy Hackfeld & freehand custom quilted.

 Quilt by Jo Snyder quilted with Royal Plumes Pantograph.

Wholecloth by Melody Mauch using Swirlygig Pantograph

Wholecloth made by Melody Mauch for my brother's 25th wedding anniversary.  I used Royal Plumes pantograph.

Pink Zebra made by Jo Snyder quilted using Feathered Swirls

Quilt made by Joan Bell quilted using Brittany 2 pantograph.

   Quilt by Carol Rokohl & custom quilted.

   Spooky Hollow hand embroidered quilt by Jamie Ritter, custom quilted.

 Quilt by Jamie Ritter - freehand custom quilted.


  Quilt by Melody Mauch - freehand quilting

  Quilt by Carol Rokohl using Swirlygig pantograph

  Quilt by Kathy Pecan, custom quilted

  Quilt by Maryln Harbough using Cruisin' the River pantograph.

  Quilt by Jo Snyder using "Hip Kitty" pantograph.

  Quilt by Sally Bickley - freehand custom quilted.

  Quilt by Virginia Nichols - custom quilted.

  Flamingo Frenzy by Melody Mauch - quilted with flamingos and palm trees

  Exploding Pineapple quilt by Jamie Ritter - custom quilted.

  White tonal French Rose Quilt - custom quilted.

  Backside of French Roses - custom quilted.

  Ooh-la-la!!!  What a hot babe!!  Quilt made by Carol Rokohl and custom quilted.

  Embroidered quilt by Pam Goodwin - custom quilted.