Services Provided by The Quilt Connection

I do meandering at a price of .01 per square inch

I can also machine baste your quilt if you prefer to do hand quilting at a rate of 1/2 cent per square inch.

Pantograph pricing is as follows:

All pantographs are .015 per square inch

Custom pricing guideline is as follows:

.02 per square inch for basic designs
.03 to .05 per square inch for detailed design work including any stippling
.06 & up per square inch for heirloom design work (which includes cross hatching and other designs that require additional tools like rulers.)
PLEASE NOTE:  All quilts are subject to price variations depending on the type of custom quilting the customer wants.  Prices can go as high at .10 per square inch.

To calculate your quilts square inches multiple the width x length.  For example if your quilt top measures 60 x 72, you would multiple those two numbers and get 4320 square inches.  Multipe that number by the prices listed above.  Thread, any batting purchased and tax will be additonal.

Other additional charges that may apply will be as follows:

Pressing or repairs.....$20 per hour
Machine sewing on of labels.....$5 each
Bindings by machine both sides are .10/linear inch
Bindings by machine one side, by hand on other are .20/linear inch
Multiple thread color changes are $6 for each color

I carry batting on the bolt at the following prices:

Warm & Natural in 90" width is .34 per linear inch
Warm & Natural in 124" width is .46 per linear inch
Warm & White in 90" width is .34 per linear inch

Warm & Tater is $5.00 per yard.

I carry some Dream Company packaged batts but can order whatever you need for your quilt.

Batting prices are subject to change at any time.